Furniture Manufacturing and Logistics with Motoman Robots

Automation conquered the mass production of furniture, Motoman Robots are part of it!

Manufacturing Wooden Furniture Elements with Motoman Robots

Large volume production of wooden furniture, like shelves, cabinets, chest of drawers is realized by automatic production lines. Robots are core elements to bring in flexibility in terms of cutting dimensions.

Motoman Robots are involved in all value chain steps, including material handling, cutting and sawing, milling, drilling, glueing and coating/painting of furniture products.

Automatic Furniture Assembly with Motoman Robots

Automated Assembly lines are used to assemble serial furniture products, thanks to robots being flexible enough to cope with many different product variants.

The video below is the ultimate assembly solution - complete cabinets are assembled in 56 different steps fully automatic by a PL500/SDA20F dual arm robot team.

Packaging Furniture with Motoman Robots

Robots enable excellent flexible automation solutions to pack furniture sets into cartons and make them ready to ship.

Individual Polystyrene parts, required for packaging to protect the furniture parts, are cut out automatically by Motoman robots.

Arc Welding and Spot Welding of Metal Furniture Parts

For Arc Welding Automation of Chair or Table frames, we bring in the whole world of robotic arc welding and spot/stud/nut welding into your production, starting from small collaborative welding stations up to fully automatic turnkey manufacturing solutions.

Painting Furniture with Motoman Robots

Robots are perfect to automate Furniture painting jobs, especially when the workpiece requires complex trajectories to paint. In comparison to manual spray, the quality is absolutely high and repetitive.