Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection with Motoman Robots

Quality Inspection is a wide application field for robots.

Recently, it has become also a fast growing application field for Collaborative Robots like the HC10 because of their easy-to-teach handguiding and option to be installed without fenceless 

Robots can handle workpieces to stationary quality inspection sensors, or present parts directly to a human for visual inspection. 

Robots can handle inspection devices (e.g. sensors of all kinds, metrology measuring heads).


Quality Control Jobs within an Assembly line with Motoman Robots

Inside a production line, there are usually many handling jobs and built-in quality gates between single processing steps. In addition to their handling jobs, robots are handling workpieces in front of a sensor or in/out a quality check station.

In-Process Quality Control with Motoman Robots

Assembly or Joining Processes including sensors to control and monitor the process.

Quality Control around CNC Machining with Motoman Robots

In combination with CNC Machine Tending, you could occupy the machine tending robot with additional jobs like cleaning, deburring or quality checking (e.g. vision inspection, metrology) in the meantime while the CNC machine is running.

If you have a batch production with several CNC machines, it may be reasonable to add a quality testing station in the same machine arrangement, or build a separate testing station which is fed by multiple machines via conveyor or AGV.

Quality and Measuring Procedures around Arc Welding with Motoman Robots

This is a common technology in professional Arc Welding, please refer to a separate Chapter in the "Ac Welding" Application Section of this Web page.

Vision-Based Quality Inspection and Metrology with Motoman Robots 

Functional Testing with Motoman Robots

Robots are able to perform test sequences to check the functionality of products, either in the product development phase or as a quality gate in a running production.

Chemical Powder Sampling with Motoman Robots

In this installation, a SDA10F Dual Arm Robot opens a drum with chemical powder, takes and opens a plastic bag inside, takes out a probe and closes the bag and the drum again. This is a sequence of challenging jobs for robots, realized with two 3D Machine Vision Cameras and intelligent software which is able to decide the robot's next steps in real-time, depending on the current situation realized by the cameras.

Ultrasonic and X-Ray Inspection with Motoman Robots

Robotic Residual Stress X-Ray Diffractometer

Robotic X-Ray Diffractometer dedicated to the Residual Stress Analysis, providing a non-destructuve test of the samples. The head of the diffratometer is mounted on an anthropomorphic 6 axis robot that allows to analyze samples of any dimensions and shapes.

Quality Inspection before Part Storage

In larger production site, manufactured product are often routed to a central quality inspection station, where a Motoman Robots perform quality inspection tasks before the parts enter a storage.