Newest technology and developments

Innovation and Yaskawa

For over 100 years now, our products and solutions have been supporting automation in a wide variety of industrial processes including mining, mechanical engineering and toolmaking, as well as the automotive, packaging, wood processing, lift, textile and semiconductor industries. Steadily we aim to create new values in the fields of Mechatronics, Clean Power, and Humatronics. 



Shift to the next generation

Digitalization is laying the foundation for the development of future factory automation. Some call it Industry 4.0, some say Internet of Things, we call it i³-Mechatronics, but all these terms refer to the exciting smart factory of connected devices enhancing productivity and production flexibility. One question remains, however: when will it all be available? Our answer is... NOW


Create Future

The Yaskawa innovation program

By making full-fledged investments in venture companies which have capacities for faster development to add to our own high level of technology, we will accelerate our bid to achieve a “fusion of core technology advancement and open innovation” as outlined in ourVision 2025 and offer new values to society.