Revolutionary picking, packing, palletizing processes in the beverage industry


  • Palletizing of beer cans


  • Beer cans are fed into the system via two conveyors
  • Incoming plastic-wrapped packs of cans are picked up by 4 robots
  • Individual packs are distributed onto three, six or nine conveyor belts; these transport the cans to three palletizing stations
  • Stacking on pallets
  • The system works in three-shift operation 24/7
  • Cooperation between 10 robots
  • Speed of approximately 30 m per minute
  • Flexible gripper design with mechanical and pneumatic components 


  • Palletizing of 100,000 beer cans/hour
  • 80 different variants – virtually no conversion work
  • Hundred percent process reliability through the use of Motoman robots
  • Fast conversion of the system at the press of a button
  • Maximum fail-safety
  • High efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the system