The Motoman GP series are compact and high speed handling robots which provide payloads of 7 to 600 kg.

Easy set-up and maintenance and a wrist structure with great environment resistance improve efficiency in installation, operation and maintenance of equipment.

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The MOTOMAN MH robots are 6-axis robots used for a variety of applications such as material handling, machine tending, material processing and distribution and lab automation.

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The MotoMINI 6-axis robot provides superior perfomance in small part handling and assembly.

Due to its light weight it is possible to change the set up location according to operation condition or production of different work pieces.

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The MOTOMAN SDA models are slim and agile 15-axis dual-arm robots with "human-like" flexibility of movement and fast acceleration.

This makes it the ideal solution for a variety of operations such as assembly, part transfer, machine tending, packaging and other handling tasks. The CSDA10F model is designed for clean room use.

The SDA models have payloads ranging from 5 kg to 40 kg and working envelopes ranging from 845 mm to 1,323 mm. Both robot arms can work together synchronously or perform different tasks simultaneously. Due to its small footprint it can operate in confined spaces, saving valuable floor space.

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The slim and powerful MOTOMAN SIA 7-axis single-arm robot is perfect for automated processes such as assembly, inspection, machine tending and material handling.

The SIA models have payloads ranging from 5 kg to 50 kg and working envelopes ranging from 845 mm to 1,323 mm.

The revolutionary design with high wrist performance and internal supply cables make it possible to use it in confined spaces while providing unrivalled manoeuvring flexibility. It is even able to easily move around corners or reach into the machine. 

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